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Protecting History — Powering Change

Explore Rochester’s Lower Falls

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The Lower Falls, its neighborhoods, and its vibrant community was the foundation of Rochester.

Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, and Frederick Law Olmstead are just a few of the many individuals who are part of the stories of the Lower Falls and its surrounding neighborhoods.


People protect what they love. —JACQUES COUSTEAU

Restoring and protecting the Lower Falls. The Genesee River is one of only 33 in the entire world that flow North. At 144 miles long, it has a number of waterfalls that are majestic and powerful. The Senecas who once called the area home referred to the Genesee as “Casconchiagon” which translates to ‘River of Falls”. Rochester has three naturally occurring sets and though High Falls receives more attention, it is the Lower Falls that founded the industrial greatness of Rochester and have the highest drop of 110 feet down its 276 foot U-shaped span.

Lower Falls

Timothy McDonnell, nygeo.org

Video by Ken Parulski

Lower Falls, Rochester NY

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