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The Parks section of our Virtual Museum is focused on the histories and interesting stories from the parks within a one-mile radius of the Lower Falls Gorge as well as the parks north of this area up to Turning Point Park.

This is the first time that specific information about the histories of these parks has been assembled in one place. Please enjoy our collections and we encourage you to share new information that would add to these histories.

Maplewood Park & Rose Garden

Maplewood Park & Rose Garden

As the master gardener and rosarian at Maplewood Park & Rose Garden for over 30 years, Paul Mitchell witnessed many changes. This small collection of photos taken by Paul represents just a few of them.

Lower Falls - McCrackenville Postcard

McCrackenville Postcard

This winter scene of the Lower Falls, depicts a scene of McCrackenville where it lay near the falls, a town that has left no trace of itself. As often happens, small communities that begin life as independent towns and villages are consumed by central urban areas as they grow. Many of these communities leave remnants behind to testify to their existence. Not so with McCrackenville, except perhaps this postcard.