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The Neighborhoods section of our Virtual Museum is focused on the histories and interesting stories from the communities within a one-mile radius of the Lower Falls Gorge as well as the neighborhoods north of this area up to Turning Point Park.

This is the first time that specific information about the histories of these neighborhoods has been assembled in one place. Please enjoy our collections and we encourage you to share new information that would add to these histories.

Tenth Ward Courier

Tenth Ward Courier 1964

Enjoy a slice of life from 1964 with these six issues of the Tenth Ward Courier, a weekly newspaper, from the Historic Newspapers Collection of the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County.

Maplewood Park & Rose Garden

Maplewood Park & Rose Garden

As the master gardener and rosarian at Maplewood Park & Rose Garden for over 30 years, Paul Mitchell witnessed many changes. This small collection of photos taken by Paul represents just a few of them.

John Marshall High School

A Little Piece of Ourselves

Richard A McMahon spent over a decade writing his book. Several of his colleagues looked at him quizzically when he informed them that he was writing “a history of John Marshall High School and the old Tenth Ward.” They wondered, as Richard often did, “Why write such a thing in the first place”. The text of this book is divided into two sections. Part One is a fairly thorough history of Kodak/John Marshall High school and is organized chronologically. Part Two deals with the neighborhood and falls far short of being a complete and definitive history.

Brewer's Landing

Brewer’s Landing 1928

Looking north from bluff above Brewer’s Dock, the only landing place of any size on the east side of the river. This view of the Genesee River through Maplewood Park was taken during a period of city sewer problems.

Irondequoit Centennial Album

Irondequoit Centennial Album

The Centennial Album 1839-1939 of the Town of Irondequoit is a treasure that recaps the history of the first 100 years of the town plus a valuable history of the first pioneers who, twenty years before the founding of the Town, settled the lands around the Lower Falls of the Genesee River.

Driving Park Avenue Bridge

Driving Park Avenue Bridge

The Driving Park Avenue Bridge was constructed in two years, from 1889 to 1890, by the Rochester Bridge and Iron Works, based on design plans by Leffert L. Buck. The bridge is 717 feet long, spanning the 200-foot deep Genesee River Gorge.

Genesee Brewing Co. Antique Serving Tray

Genesee Brewing Co. Antique Serving Tray

The antique Genesee Brewery Company serving tray features a wonderful painting of the Lower Falls of the Genesee River with Native Americans in 1799. The tray was produced by the Charles W. Shonk Company in the 1890s—possibly in 1899, since the painting indicates the year 1799, which may have been intentional. The Shonk Company produced this type of tray for breweries throughout the U.S. using stock images. However, this unique image was arrived upon as the result of collaboration between brewery representatives and representatives from the Shonk Company. What an amazing tribute to the Genesee River and Rochester’s history.