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Lower Falls Foundation
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A Powerful Force of Nature, Shaping Rochester’s History

The Genesee River is a tributary of Lake Ontario flowing northward through the Twin Tiers of Pennsylvania and New York in the United States. The Lower Falls is the last of many plunges along the Genesee River before it empties into Lake Ontario 6 miles to the north.

Lower Falls

Credit: Stephen K. Wagner


Rivers bring life—they ebb and flow through the communities that surround them, providing food, jobs, transportation, energy and, of course, water. Environmental occurrences, and more importantly human interference, can threaten the health of rivers, in turn impacting the health of humans. This undeniable symbiotic relationship needs to be nurtured and explored through awareness programs and initiatives to address existing and potential challenges.


Here are two ways to enjoy the Lower Falls and the surrounding area! A downloadable PDF tour from the Genesee River Alliance and an audio tour from Tour Blend.

Lower Falls Walking Tour

This tour takes you past a spectacular 110’ waterfall and over a hydro power station. It starts at Maplewood Park, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which features a nationally accredited rose garden and also includes Kelsey’s Landing, a National Underground Railroad Network site.

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Download the Walking Tour

Tour Blend Audio Tour

Tour Blend brings locations to life using guided audio tours, current and historic photos, and access to on-line videos and other resources. When you launch Tour Blend, digital content for the nearest tours automatically arrive on your iPhone. You can explore the nearest historic sites, street art, and craft beverage trails – there’s no need to install a special app for each location.

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