Irondequoit Centennial Album 1839-1939

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History of Carthage and Genesee River before 1839

The Centennial Album 1839-1939 of the Town of Irondequoit is a treasure that recaps the history of the first 100 years of the town plus a valuable history of the first pioneers who, twenty years before the founding of the Town, settled the lands around the Lower Falls of the Genesee River. The book is a complete factual and pictorial review of the happenings of a century and more-events that have “brought a forbidding, fever-infested wilderness along the rugged pathway of the years to the prosperous and populous garden-like community of today.”

Historians should particularly note important events that are documented:

  • The Preamble (Page 4) which beautifully tells the stories of the exploration and growth during the 170 years prior to formation of the township in 1839.
  • The second Carthage Bridge (Page 12) falls into the river gorge without warning during 1857, having lasted less than 10 months. With its collapse the hopes of Carthage for supremacy “by the Falls of the Genesee” disappeared.
  • The first Carthage Bridge (Page 38) is built in 1819 and lasted only a year and a day.
  • The City of Rochester in 1874 extended its northern limits to take in the southern edge of Irondequoit, thus pushing the city line north from Clifford Avenue to Norton Street (Page 16).
  • The Glen House (Page 19) is built in 1880
  • Union Racetrack, a mile around, is built on the property of Ezra and Hosea Rogers in 1865, for horse racing. (The site was east of St. Paul on a tract now bisected by Scholfield Road.) (Page 33)

Topic: History of Irondequoit Township
Secondary Topic: History of Carthage and Genesee River before 1839
Neighborhood: 14621
Date: 1930s


The Irondequoit Centennial Album is filled with typed entries that are quick to peruse and filled with entertaining observations such as, “1776 – Declaration of Independence. Revolutionary War really started year before” or “Tryon’s Town (they’re bound to keep memory of that rascal, Governor Tryon, alive) is established at Irondequoit Landing (head of bay) and provides first inkling of real estate booms that are yet to be. (It lasted less than 20 years.)”

This digital document made available by the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County, from the collection of the Local History & Genealogy Division, Rochester Public Library.



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