I am excited to endorse the mission of the Lower Falls Foundation. Working together with community stakeholders from across the City of Rochester and Monroe County, the Lower Falls Foundation is committed to revitalizing one of our nation's most culturally, ecologically and historically significant sites.

Molly Clifford, Councilperson for the City of Rochester


Founded in January 2016, the Lower Falls Foundation is a non-profit in Rochester, New York dedicated to revitalizing the Lower Falls Gorge.


The Lower Falls Foundation is growing the national presence of Rochester‘s Lower Falls Region by empowering our community neighbors, fostering pride in the natural landscape, and bridging the narrative between celebrating local history and telling the untold story of structural inequality.



Drop us a line – have a question? Or just reach out and let us know what the Lower Falls mean to you!

“Rochester was a major destination on the path to freedom for countless slaves,” Mayor Warren stated. “This designation is a lasting testament to our city’s deep legacy as a proponent of liberty and social justice. I applaud the Lower Falls Foundation for their efforts to bring national recognition to a site in which Frederick Douglass, and so many other heroes directed slaves to their eventual freedom. It is important to remember our past as we chart a future of safer more vibrant neighborhoods, more jobs and better educational opportunities for our citizens.”

Mayor Lovely Warren