Lower Falls Gorge

Protecting History. Powering Change.

I am excited to endorse the mission of the Lower Falls Foundation. Working together with community stakeholders from across the City of Rochester and Monroe County, the Lower Falls Foundation is committed to revitalizing one of our nation’s most culturally, ecologically and historically significant sites.

—MOLLY CLIFFORD, Councilperson for the City of Rochester

Credit: Stephen K. Wagner

Susan B. Anthony
Lower Falls

Credit: Stephen K. Wagner

Cultural Diversity
Our Mission

Revitalizing the Lower Falls Gorge

The Lower Falls Foundation is growing the national presence of Rochester‘s Lower Falls Region by empowering our community neighbors, fostering pride in the natural landscape, and bridging the narrative between celebrating local history and telling the untold story of structural inequality.


The Lower Falls is a hidden gem whose important history and natural beauty have been forgotten.

The nearby neighborhoods represent one of the most diverse sections of Monroe County, NY. For a local community that is among the most diverse and that has such a strong heritage and natural assets, the good people in the neighborhoods near the Gorge have been underappreciated for too long. There are so many opportunities available to people with the spirit to work for improvements.


We are working to tell a better story. The Lower Falls Foundation cares about and is committed to celebrating the rich history of the neighborhoods East and West of Rochester’s Lower Falls and changing the future of the proud people who live there. If we care about these amazing neighborhoods, it is worth doing better to turn their dreams into reality.

The history and pioneer spirit of this community is a microcosm of the entire United States. We want the entire world to learn about and experience Rochester’s Lower Falls.

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